APRIL 30th, 1997 - AUGUST 4th, 2020

This has not been an easy statement to write because, of course, it comes on the heels of a devastating loss for all of us at SafeBAE, LMI, Saving Daisy Film and the But, She film crew. 


To say we are heartbroken is an understatement. Words cannot describe the wind that has been taken from our lungs and the hole has been left in our lives. Daisy was beyond just our friend and comrade, she was our sister. That irreplaceable bond that comes with our shared experiences and the work we have done together will live on, that much we can promise. 


More than wanting to tell you how important Daisy has been to us, we want to acknowledge, without any doubt, how important she has been to you and how important YOU were to her. Everything she did, she did for you. 


You weren’t just fans or fellow survivors, you were family. That relationship was so abundantly clear in everything she did from talks to advocacy, the SafeBAE organization, to the creative projects she has been painstakingly working on for the last two and half years. All of this was so that you would have every resource possible to keep going, despite your traumas. All of this so that you know there is a network of people who are here to stand beside you. ALWAYS. 


This is a legacy we intend to uphold. 


A lot of people have asked in the last couple of days if we would complete the work on the two films in progress now that Daisy has passed and the answer is an absolute yes. These projects were so important to her as continued work on herself and continued work for others in the SafeBAE and survivor communities. 


These films are so important to all of us to keep on track for both her legacy and the impact her legacy has had on the world. 


She wanted you to see her truth: the ups and downs of recovery, the battles she faced on a day to day basis, and how EMDR therapy helped her through the toughest parts of her trauma. The Saving Daisy movie is a reflection of all of that and more. 


In addition to Saving Daisy, Daisy and the team have been working for two years developing a feature-length film about her life. It highlights her evolution from her childhood self to the adult woman we all knew and loved, the strength it takes to recover from trauma, and the reality of survival. Daisy has broken so many barriers and her work has meant so much to so many that we feel it is important to follow through on this project as well. As her friends and loved ones, we will give you the work she so desperately wanted to share with you as completely as she left it in our hands. 


With all of this being said, we do want to let you know that we are absolutely in a state of shock and grief, so status updates on these projects are currently on pause. When we have concrete answers for you, we will post them here. 


Her story did not end on August 4th. It is up to us now, her community of supporters and loved ones, to continue it from here. 


We love you, Daisy. We will never not miss you, your infectious smile, your strength, and all of your fuckery. 







I want survivors to know healing is possible. My story is not over;  

- Daisy Coleman



A Message from

the Director

As I’m sitting here in my bed gasping for air, I wish to God that this is just another nightmare I’ll wake up from. I know it’s not. It’s with every ounce of strength in my body that I type these words right now, but I feel that it is my responsibility as her friend and ‘soul sister’ that I let our followers know that Daisy ended her life tonight. This woman right here. This beautiful, brave as fuck, strong, caring, smart, funny as all hell woman right here has meant and will always mean the world to me. For the last five years, through thick and thin, we had each other. I would have walked across this earth to ensure her safety and her happiness and I’m just so sorry I wasn’t there tonight. To Daisy: Through every horrible person that called us liars, that tried to make us out to be the monsters, the abusive exes and the fucking uphill battle we faced, it was worth it to face it together. I always remind myself that we met for a reason. Our lives crossed paths at exactly the time we were meant to and it lead to such a beautiful friendship and such a beautiful gift you gave to the world. Your story, your strength, your resilience. I’ve never met anyone in my life with a heart like yours.
The boundaries you shattered and the lives you touched are immeasurable. There was no fight like yours and likely there never will be again. I will do my best to keep your light shining, as you helped me keep mine aglow.
I have so many thoughts and so much I want to say. I am angry that the world hurt you. I’m angry that I couldn’t save you like I promised. I’m angry that I wasn’t there and I didn’t know and that against what I always say, I didn’t check on you again. I don’t want to miss you.
To Daisy’s fans: Don’t be discouraged. Daisy fought to the very end and more than anything in the world, she’d want you to keep going. Your fight was her fight and everything she did was so that YOU, other survivors, could have a second chance at a good and happy life. The best way to honor this incredible woman is to live that good and happy life. Find your light and keep it aglow. Daisy loved harder than anyone I’ve ever known. Keep that love alive and never forget the legacy of survival, strength, unity, and full-on fuckery she leaves behind. Because her fuckery was really the best part.

~ Ella Fairon



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In Honor of



November 26th, 1998 - June 19th, 2018

" But I’ll never stop loving you. You’ll never stop being my best friend. My baby brother you’ll always be."

~ Daisy Coleman

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